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    Show me your closet and I’ll tell you who you are. Bryant McGregor has been fashion conscience since elementary school where he matched his socks to his wardrobe. He prided himself on going against fashion trends in order to make statements about his artistic expressions. One night, while drinking with his friends, Bryant confronted the empty closet of his heart and realized that God wasn’t a priority.  He surrendered his life to Christ and several years later began a mission to create a clothing brand. It was a brand that would combine his fashion sense with his newfound love for God, and so Young Fly & Living 4 God was born. 

    In 2013, geared with his faith and inspired by the presence of God, Young Fly & Living 4 God was launched. On Bryant’s journey to build a clothing brand, some of the struggles he faced came from his very own community; Christianity. The question begged to be asked, “Can you look fly and still live for God?” After much research and hard work, Bryant was determined for that answer to be a resounding “YES!”. Bryant discovered that confining Christ to an outward appearance is as crazy as confining Him to the cross!  He knew that this vision was bigger than that. His purpose was to create disciples of Christ by using the influence of fashion. When he realized that a clothing brand could be stylish and Christ centered, Bryant found himself on to something revolutionary.

    Bryant McGregor and his lovely wife Tacara, who were third grade sweethearts, married in 2012. They are responsible for a movement that is so necessary and utterly timeless. The McGregors humbly understand that this brand belongs to the people. They collaborate with God to create fashion that inspires conversation about Him. Their only goal is to make His name great through relevant fashion. Young Fly & Living 4 God is an inclusive brand that goes beyond the limits of boxes and labels. This brand is infused with infectious faith. It encourages believers to grow and nonbelievers the chance to become a part of a story that was written for them. 

    Bryant and Tacara McGregor reside in Raeford, NC with their beautiful daughter Olivia. They may come from a small town but they’ve created a global brand!